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TMS Treatments

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, known as TMS, is a noninvasive treatment that stimulates the brain through electromagnetic pulses.  These pulses stimulate areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

TMS, a service offered by Dr. Zachary Fisk, can be very effective for those with treatment-resistant depression, anxious depression, and other conditions. Combining ketamine with TMS can be more effective and longer lasting than either treatment alone.

Bellevue Ketamine


Our Bellevue Ketamine division is the longest standing ketamine infusion clinic in Washington State.

We receive referrals from psychiatrists and doctors treating pain throughout the Seattle and Bellevue areas for our ketamine infusion services.

We are oftentimes able to obtain at least some insurance coverage for our infusions.

Acute Pain Therapies Gallery

Bellevue PRP, Chronic Pain Management

We offer comprehensive chronic pain management with a multi-modal approach including consultations, medication management and a wide variety of interventional pain procedures using both fluoroscopy and ultrasound techniques. Our expertise includes: regenerative medicine including PRP, thermal, pulsed radiofrequency, and cryo ablation, intramuscular and perineural botox, and neuromodulation including spinal cord stimulation.


Our mission is to offer a comprehensive range of treatments for patients with psychological and physical pain. Our hope with the pain management strategies we offer is to provide a means for a patient to overcome their pain while devising a way to achieve an improved quality of life of their own making, while trying to minimize the risks of addiction.

That said, while many of our treatments prove to be beneficial to someone with addiction, we are not a primary addiction treatment center.

Important Insurance Coverage Note:   The following state insurance companies do not cover our services: Amerigroup, Community Health Plan, Coordinated Care, Molina, And United Healthcare Community Plan.

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