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Post-Operative Pain

The mission of our Seattle pain clinic is to help patients that are experiencing pain around the time of surgery. We extend hospital-based acute pain management services into an outpatient setting.

If you are worried you will have severe pain after surgery, contact us for a consultation.

If you have severe pain within the first days to weeks after surgery, we are specialized in helping you with that kind of pain.

Ketamine Infusions

Our Bellevue Ketamine Clinic is the longest standing ketamine infusion clinic in the Bellevue and Seattle area.

We receive referrals from prominent practitioners throughout Seattle and Bellevue for our ketamine infusion services.

We are oftentimes able to obtain at least some insurance coverage for our infusions.

Regenerative Medicine

Some of our Belleuve Pain Clinic’s most effective pain treatments revolve around regenerative medicine including platelet rich plasma and similar procedures which we perform under anesthesia with board certified anesthesiologists.

We offer comprehensive chronic pain management with a multi-modal approach including consultations, medication management and a wide variety of interventional pain procedures using both fluoroscopy and ultrasound techniques.


Our mission is to offer the most safe, effective and scientifically proven acute and chronic pain solutions available. Our hope with the pain management strategies we offer is to provide a means for a patient to overcome their pain while devising a way to achieve an improved quality of life of their own making, while trying to minimize the risk of becoming addicted to pain medications.

We are not an addiction treatment center. Our goal is to prevent opiate addiction that would otherwise occur because patients have no other effective means of controlling severe pain in an outpatient setting.

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