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Nerve Block Procedures

What is the Nerve Blocks with Extended Effects treatment, and how can it help manage pain?

  • It is a needle based procedure no more painful to put in than an IV.
  • Our office can provide sedation during procedure if our patient is still worried about placement of the nerve block.
  • The treatment helps provide pain control for a week to the affected limb immediately after surgery.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

The nerve blocks with extended effects treatment is very helpful for patients who:


  • Have just undergone major surgery
  • Have predicted difficulty with pain after surgery based on past experiences
  • Are on suboxone or pain medications
  • Have a desire to avoid having to use excessive narcotics
  • Have concerns about becoming addicted to pain medications


Simultaneously, we provide 24/7 pain management phone service – our Seattle and Bellevue area patients for whom we have placed a nerve catheter may call any time day or night to get ahold of the doctor who placed the nerve block to help with post-operative pain.


To schedule a consultation for cold therapy knee pain treatment, call us today at 425-440-3351. We look forward to providing you with narcotic-free pain relief in Seattle.