Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine Infusions for Depression and Chronic Pain

Ketamine infusion therapy can help people after surgery, people with chronic pain, and people with depression. IV ketamine gives you the longest exposure at predictable doses, unlike all other forms of ketamine.

If you go to a ketamine clinic, make sure it offers amenities that make you feel comfortable. The more relaxed you feel, the better your experience.

  • Make sure you have some opportunity for privacy during treatment. Do they offer private rooms?
  • Do they have oxygen and suction piped in to the walls in every room so that they can treat an emergency?
  • Do they have a board-certified anesthesiologist on sight at all times to treat any problems?
  • Do they work with your other treating doctors?
    Do they only provide ketamine or do they provide a more comprehensive approach?
  • Do you see a medical doctor every time?
  • Do you see the same medical doctor every time?
  • Do they have expertise in placing IV’s, accessing PICC lines, accessing ports? Can they use ultrasound guidance for difficult IV placement?

Here at Acute Pain Therapies, we provide visitors more than just ketamine treatments. We offer Bellevue patients a professional and comforting environment with amenities including a lounge for patients’ guests with espresso and other foods, warm blankets, iPads equipped with a selection of music, and meditation apps. For some patients, we don’t just give ketamine. We have a comprehensive approach and work closely with other providers in the area who specialize in your condition. If ketamine does not work, we go over next steps in treatment of your pain or depression.

Candidates for Ketamine Infusion Therapy

If you are suffering from depression in the Bellevue or Seattle area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Zachary Fisk to learn more about ketamine infusion therapy.

Patients suffering from chronic nerve pain such as CRPS can also benefit from ketamine. Often movement of any sort some conditions is too painful to contemplate rehabilitation. Ketamine infusions are a tool patients can use to begin healing their own body with their own strength.

FAQs about side effects

Why are these infusions expensive?

We bill insurance for depression. For chronic pain, unfortunately insurance generally over covers only a fraction of the cost of the long infusion, so we are forced to charge patients for the cost of overhead for running a facility such as this which is expensive. We still feel that our infusions are very reasonably priced when compared to other chronic pain infusion clinics, especially considering our level of expertise and the facility.

I’ve heard ketamine causes strange feelings?

Our office is specifically designed to provide a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere where patients can relax. This helps a lot with any strange feelings patients experience during infusions. Medications can help control these side effects quickly and safely as well. This is one reason a ketamine infusion is better than trying to “go it alone” at home with other non-IV forms of ketamine, especially at first.

Can ketamine cause health problems? Is it safe?

Overall, ketamine is a very safe drug when administered by a specialty clinic such as ours.

Ketamine at high doses can cause high blood pressure and high heart rate which can be dangerous in patients with uncontrolled cardiovascular, lung, or kidney disease. At the sub-anesthetic doses our office provides, ketamine does not commonly cause high blood pressure and heart rate. Nonetheless, it is important to be evaluated by a board-certified anesthesiologist when deciding whether a ketamine infusion, a form of anesthesia, is safe.

Our office provides this evaluation for every patient that comes through. If it is determined that a patient requires further medical optimization prior to ketamine administration, appropriate referrals to specialists can be made. For the most part patients will qualify for treatment via ketamine. Ketamine is extremely safe especially when administered under the supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist. Our anesthesiologist has extensive experience with ketamine. As the head of the pain service at a major hospital, he made ketamine available to all patients throughout the hospital and developed protocols for managing patients on ketamine infusions. He is fellowship trained to provide the drug. He has been treating patients with ketamine in his clinic in Bellevue for years now.

Most patients come from referring psychiatrists or pain doctors – this is because the community trusts his judgement.

Other things that can happen with ketamine?

Overall, long lasting side effects beyond the infusion are extremely rare with infusions. This will be discussed at length during consultation with our physician.

PLEASE NOTE: Our clinic requires a ride home by a family member or friend at the end of the infusion. Taxis, Uber, or other means of transportation are not acceptable.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zachary Fisk for the Bellevue and Seattle area to have all of your questions about ketamine infusions answered. We require patients have a one-on-one consultation before their treatment to see if they are the right candidate. This is an all MD medical practice.