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This gallery of images showcases our office!


Our approach to care is patient-focused including creating a warm, welcoming and safe environment. Some treatments require several hours – a longer “stay” – and that’s why we offer patients a bright, and airy place to receive care including comfortable furniture, iPods, and low lighting.  Designing a space while knowing that patients will be spending a fair amount of time with us was of the utmost importance and that’s why we endeavor to make patients feel “at home”.


Thanks for visiting our photo gallery.  We’re very pleased with the interior design of our space.  Our physicians had a hand in pulling it all together.  As we expand and grow the practice (we’re adding space on the second floor), we’ll be keeping these concepts in mind and replicating the same pleasant environment.


Our team also serves an important role in the overall feel within the practice.  From the moment we welcome our patients in to the conclusion of care and upon check out, we want to know how we did!  We appreciate receiving feedback in the form of online reviews and testimonials.

We know that patients have a choice when choosing their pain management providers and we appreciate the confidence that is placed in our team.