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Interventional Psychiatry for Refractory Conditions

Acute Pain Therapies & Bellevue Ketamine was one of the first ketamine infusion clinics established in the state of Washington. Through our years of experience, we have refined our protocols to successfully treat a variety of conditions. We use IV infusions, of Ketamine and adjuncts to successfully treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and certain chronic pain conditions, where other modalities have failed. Our physician lead care team and our facility have the capacity to run 10 infusions simultaneously. We offer interventional psychiatry for refractory conditions by collaborating with Psychiatrists and other providers who treat treatment resistant depression.

We have the highest standard for safety with board-certified Anesthesiologists on site, remote central monitoring, ACLS certified staff, and all emergency equipment available if needed.

In 2022 we are adding TMS and ECT to our treatment options. This distinguishes us as a truly comprehensive treatment center. We are committed to remaining on the cutting edge for further developments in the psychiatry such as the inclusion of MDMA or other drugs that may eventually become available in a legal manner for treatment resistant psychiatric disorders.

Treatments used