You’ll see when you visit for a consultation that our clinic is designed to be a place patients and their families WANT to visit. It is a beautiful pacific northwest haven. We offer free amenities like espresso service and complimentary use of iPads in various treatment rooms, procedure waiting rooms, and recovery bays. We have a patient & family lounge with a cozy, cafe atmosphere including a relaxing fireplace, lounge chairs, and European style cafe tables.

We also believe in direct doctor-patient interaction for as long as is necessary. Most clinics involve the doctor zooming in and out. We don’t do things that way. If you come for our world-class specialists, that is who will take care of you.

Our goal is to improve movement through non-opiate pain relief and tissue restoration.

We apply these goals to patients with chronic joint pain, patients who need surgery, patients who have recent injuries, and patients who suffer from nerve pain such as CRPS/RSD, and the psychological pain of depression.